Repurposed Antique Candles

Repurposed Antique Candles

Smell Farm

Founder, Gabby Mort

You can find candles almost anywhere. There are a large variety with thousands of different scents but from afar, they all look the same in cylinder glasses. Gabby found a way to make her candle business unique through repurposing antique vessels. Buying one of her candles is like a snowflake in your hand. Only one in that shape exists and no one else has it. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how Smell Farm came to be.

My name is Gabby Mort, I am 23 years old and I am a black small business owner of Smell Farm. I started my business during Covid in January of 2021.

I wanted to start Smell Farm after I saw how close I was to becoming a hoarder with the crazy amount of thrifted vessels I had in my home! I have always loved thrifting. I love finding unique things that have been discarded and giving them another chance to be used.

I grew up making candles with my mom on fun occasions when I was younger. I have such fond memories of those experiences with her and I wanted to mix my love for thrifting with that nostalgia.

What makes Smell Farm unique apart from other businesses?

Each candle is created in individually unique repurposed vessels. No vessel is the same as another so each person that purchases a candle has a one of a kind. My candles are made with all natural ingredients including soy wax and therapeutic grade essential oils so they are safe for any space they are placed in.

How does Smell Farm practice sustainability?

Smell Farm is able to practice sustainability through usage of handpicked repurposed vessels for each candle. Buying secondhand and using what already exists in the world is the most sustainable option when it comes to production. I also reuse packing materials such as bubble wrap, boxes and packing paper to send candles out. The candle wax is also made of soy wax, which is non-toxic, compared to traditional wax containing petroleum oil. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it is also better for your health! It is scented with natural essential oils so it is beneficial to your body when you breathe it in. 

What do you look for when it comes to sourcing vessels/glasses?

I look for vessels that are unique, colorful, and expressive. I like to have something for everyone so I try to be as diverse in color, style, and shape. It's also important to note that the vessel must be deep enough for the wick to be able to burn. 

What are some future goals/plans for Smell Farm?

Smell Farm hopes to one day find a local vendor who creates all natural wax and therapeutic grade essential oils so that it can promote and support other local craftsmen to further our sustainability practices.

You can find and purchase Smell Farm's candles on Instagram

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