Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Holiday Gift Guide 2021

If you are anything like me, I spend hours on Pinterest or on websites looking for the “perfect gift” for everyone I want to share joy with during the holiday season. Here are 5 tips that you can use during your holiday shopping!


My sister recently told me that whenever she is purchasing a gift for someone, she hears my voice in her head saying “would they need it?” This is because I’m a practical person and want my gift to be both meaningful and useful! Don’t get me wrong, I also love gifts that just give off the right vibe for someone. 


- Repurpose gift bags or boxes you received in the past 

Every year, it is estimated that the United States alone produces 4 million tons of waste (wrapping paper and shopping bags) over the holidays. That’s the equivalent of 4 Great White Sharks! But trash! By repurposing gift bags or boxes that are still in good quality, this “small” action can make a big difference.

- Use Newspaper as wrapping paper 

Even with our world becoming more and more digital, physical Newspapers continue to be distributed. The holiday season is the perfect time to put these to use! Finish off the wrapping with jute string and a cute leaf and you have cute, yet sustainable wrapping paper!

- Skip the wrapping, and go for a “open basket” approach 

Find any container around the house that would fit the item(s) you are gifting. For example, takeout containers, boxes from deliveries, or packaging from your groceries. You can decorate the container or go with it’s “all-natural” look! Then, fill the container with your gift items and arrange them in a way where you are satisfied with it! Use props to elevate your game! For example, a handwritten card, leaves or flowers from your neighborhood, or even tissue paper that you kept from previously received gifts. This option turns the entire “basket” into a personalized gift!


There is a plethora of small and local businesses that you can support and meet your holiday shopping needs this season! By supporting these businesses, you are not only supporting the local economy, but you are supporting your community member’s dreams!


DIY projects are the best; especially if you make it a project with you and your loved ones! Not only does it give a personalized touch, it is also your most cost-efficient way of gift-giving! Here are some of my favorite DIY gifts of 2021.


Instead of a material item, what about a fun adventure with you and that person or group of people you want to spread aloha to? How about hosting a Christmas party (within the restrictions of COVID-19 mandate of course)? Splurge on a trip? Go rock-climbing or get your nails done together. Whatever you and your gift recipient are interested in, treat them to it! Memories last a lifetime!
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